As a former banker of 23 years and now a youth financial literacy advocate for over 10 years, I think the Centsables has the best chance of influencing the next generation of consumers in learning how to manage their money. Two generations of kids have now grown up under a culture of "spend now, pay later" and the current economic climate is evidence of that culture change. Influencing children to learn that savings, spending and sharing are key components to sound financial management will enable them to fulfill many of their dreams as adults. But do you know why I know the Centsables will succeed? Because it appeals to kids! This is by far, the best children's savings program I've seen because of its multi-media approach to education.


Kids love it!

Daniel N. Hebert

Executive Director New Hampshire Partners in Education



Hey Tony! Please send the renewal! We are thrilled to be part of The Centsables!!!


Have a great weekend!!

Jeremy Rose

Community Financial Services Bank



We are interested in renewing our contract for another year. We have enjoyed working with the program and incorporating it into our bank's strategic plan. We are hoping to increase our members this year. We struggled a little this year as our building was under construction for quite a few months for an extensive remodeling project and we weren't too strong on getting the word out there or advertising it very well in our Bank as we were busy with other things.


Thanks Tony!

LeAnn Hunt

Credit Analyst, State Bank of Davis



I wanted to follow up with you because we had our client appreciation event last night in honor of national "Teach Children To Save Day," and it was a big success. I thought I would give you feedback from an advisor perspective. The kids loved the material. Even the little ones were intrigued because the comics are vivid and so well done. The older kids kept coming up to me and asking if I had more games and puzzles they could do. They were very excited to be able to check out the interactive website. I attached some of the pictures.


Reaching out to clients about teaching financially aware kids has been a big success for attracting the younger generations of clients, but also older clients who have grandchildren. Every single parent approached me last night and thanked us for the evening and what a great idea it was and how much they liked the Centsables material. We were up against sports practices and such, but we still had 29 kids and 20 adults including prospects there. We had two prospects request to sit down with us. We were also CC'd on communication that our clients sent out asking their friends to come. Even though they weren't able to make it, the result of having the event was our clients reaching out to referrals for us. The Centsables material made it very fun for the kids and the adults too. I really do believe this could be the type of marketing that could set Ameriprise apart, not only helping advisors connect with their clients, but because as a nation and society, I think it is something everyone realizes is so important to do.


We had 3 thank you messages this morning waiting for us when we got into the office. I thought I would share these words from two of our clients, who are also some of our top clients even though they are younger...


..."We were reading the Centsables Comic Book to Camille last night and she was loving it....she wanted me to keep reading it to her this morning too....while I was trying to get breakfast and her lunchbox done...." :-)


"I guess it really fulfilled its purpose...to have children develop and interest to finances!!! Loved the suggestions on how to get Kids in the right track regarding money.....it's wonderful!!!!..."


"Thank you for hosting the event this evening. Its important to Karyn and I that Ellie and Harry the learn the importance of financial responsibility and this session was a great way to introduce us to some of the techniques and resources available. I also enjoyed playing on the big slide :-)"


Thank you again for always listening to advisor ideas!



Kristi Van Vleck

CRPC®, MBA Financial Advisor

Thomas E. Wagener and Associates | A financial advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.



The program has really taken off and everyone seems to really enjoy how the program is working. We have actually opened a little more accounts than we expected and need to order some more Welcome Kits.


Thank you,

Misty Harder

Bank of Charles Town



I just spoke with my friend Janet who works for CUAdvantage. I showed her our Centsables website and she was very impressed. I asked her to share it with other CU's that she visits and she promised to do so. I hope you hear from some other credit unions, as we are very pleased with our site and the quality of the material. I explained to Janet that our site is special since no one else can have a site that is located within 25 miles of our CU. This makes us special and we can offer something that no one in our immediate area has.


I appreciate the efforts that are put into the website and look forward as it changes and develops.


Warm Regards,

Violet West

Vantage Point Federal Credit Union



The Parenting Magazine that we are working with is really excited about the potential of The Centsables and we are too! The editor/publisher has many contacts in the Parental world around Western Kentucky and we are going to partner with her to make sure that this is a Grand Slam for CFSB and The Centsables!!


Jeremy Rose

Community Financial Services Bank



According to most recent Centsables penetration report we have 13,526 students and 180 teachers registered to access the Centsables features. I’m sure this figure will increase as the year goes on. What also interests us is the variety of subjects with which the Centsables are being used and also the range of grades – from elementary to adult ed.


Jeanette Stump

Assistant Manager/Partnership Programs

Detroit Newspapers in Education


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